Would the Bitumen industry benefit with an event app?

The Asia and Middle East Bitumen and Base Oil Conference gave a big thumbs up to The Event App!

Doubts exist in the mind of several event organisers, about the technology adoption of their audience at events. In particular events catering to government and core industry such as manufacturing, infrastructure, textiles etc. are generally perceived as "low event tech" - implying that the audience is generally older and would not use an event app

The truth couldn't be any further!

Rex Events is led by a petrochemical stalwart named Rexy Ravindran - who has spent decades in the industry - studying, analysing and predicting prices of commodities. Events are just one avenue which Rexy looks into - more as a medium to meet old colleague and debate on the future of fuels.

This year Rex Fuels realised that just as analysing data related to fuel prices and inventory is important - so is understanding the audience and providing them a platform to engage and network. And thus they opted for hosting the Bitumen and Base Oil Conference on The Event App.

Speed was of key essence, since the event was only 10 days away. Thus within 48 hours we at Procialize created an instance of the event on our instant, feature rich, Event App platform.

Features used -

Event Feed - A bulletin board for latest updates from Rex Events as well as esteemed speakers and attendees

Event Agenda - The 2 day event had some very interesting sessions, and in order for the attendees to be well informed, the agenda carried details about the speakers, timings, and also gave the attendees the opportunity to rate sessions on a scale of 1-5

Attendee List - Attendees could search for one another using Name, designation, company, location etc. send 1-1 messages and even save contacts. This feature was used very well by the attendees as they went out to promote their business

Speaker List - Speakers could upload their presentations and their bios here

Live Polls - Polls were launched during strategic sessions, to capture the sentiment of the crowd

Q&A - All important questions pertaining to Bitumen industry were posted through the app to the speakers

Image Gallery - Professionally shot photographs were uploaded at the end of each day on the app

Over 70% of the attendees downloaded the app, and on an average each logged in user interacted with the app at least 5 or more times. Overall the app usage was great, and this bust the myth that "core industry" events do not adapt to event technology well.

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