The all new Procialize Events App!

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Introducing, The Procialize Events App!

The first of it’s kind event app platform.

After 4 years of creating white-labeled event applications for corporations, we are pleased to launch a first of it’s kind, ready to use Event App – “Procialize Events App” on the Google Play and Apple App Store. This app promises to usher in event technology to smaller budget events, and promises to eliminate the headaches associated with creating an event app from scratch. This inexpensive solution is targeted mainly towards organisers, associations and companies that choose to use an inexpensive, feature rich platform rather than invest in building something from scratch.

Some Amazing Features of the Procialize Events App

  • Pick and choose features relevant to your event – With Procialize’s adaptive event dashboard puts the event organiser in the driver’s seat and allows him or her to choose which features are relevant to the upcoming event. We have curated over 50 industry leading features to choose from, and organisers can simply add or remove features.

  • Match your event instance’s colour with your company logo – Organisers can decide how their event instance appears by picking the app skin colour based on their logo or event theme. This makes every instance on the Procialize Events App unique

  • Host one or multiple events – Whether it is an annual event you have in mind, or if you’re a event organiser curating dozens’ of events a year, Procialize gives you the flexibility of hosting as many events on the app, while maintaining confidentiality among events.

  • Free up your audience’ mobile phones – Procialize Events App aims to be the world’s most widely used Event Application. This means we want the end user to have just one event application (instead of dozens), allowing him or her to choose which event he or she wishes to be a part of

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