Introducing – The Ultimate Trade Show App!

The Summary

  • Trade Show / Expo organizers can now provide a defined ROI (Return on Investment) to exhibitors

  • The Event App now allows exhibitors to upload their company profile, product brochures etc. on their own “Exhibitor Page”

  • Both Exhibitors and event organizers will now see the number of page visits, document views and downloads

  • Exhibitors will also be able to send 1-1 messages / set up meetings with attendees

  • Representatives of exhibitors can market their companies on the event Feed

Trade show organizers have a tough job. Not only do they have to ensure adequate visitors are attending their expos, but they also have to be accountable to each and every exhibitor in ensuring adequate leads are generated. What’s more, till date there seems to be little or no technology that can track leads generated for every exhibitor.

Procialize has finally cracked this problem, and through its Trade Show App, can provide ROI to each exhibitor, without making the organizers add any effort. Our new Event Management Software will now ensure exhibitors have real-time information on leads, as well as a platform to market their products and services.

Here are 4 ways by which we have revolutionized ROI for Exhibitors

1. Exhibitors can now edit and add details on their own page on The Event App

The Trade show organizers add a point of contact while uploading the entire exhibitor list. These points of contact can edit the exhibitor page when they log in on The Event App. Here they have the provision of

a. Editing basic details about their company listed on The Event App. Here they can add as much text as desired

b. Add/edit documents under the documents section. They can either upload photos/videos, capture photos/videos or upload PDF’s onto the app

c. They can also edit their own profile and make it more relevant to the trade show

2. Exhibitors can view their page analytics on the app itself

We provide an additional tab called Exhibitor Analytics to all points of contact. They can tap on this module to view

a. The total number of page visits – There is a count of the total number of page visits, which when tapped on shows a list of attendees who have visited the page along with the number of times they have seen the pages.

b. Total number of media viewed – This gives a count on how many times each media (Pdf/video/image) has been viewed and by which attendee.

c. Total times each media has been downloaded/saved by each attendee

d. Total number of messages received – This gives a count of how many messages have been received by the exhibitor. It is important to note that we are providing a separate Message inbox to the exhibitor in addition to the attendee.

e. Total number of meetings set up – This statistic gives a count of how many meeting requests have been sent to the exhibitor. On tapping on the figure, we can see the list of attendees who have scheduled meetings

3. Trade Show organizers have each exhibitors page analytics

The Trade Show Apps provide organizers a dashboard view of each exhibitor, providing a quick view of which exhibitor requires marketing help before or during the exhibition. The data is presented in a neat form, and quick call to actions on the Event Feed, push notifications or 1-1 messages can help organizers ensure they are doing their bit to help out each and every exhibitor

4. Exhibitors can market their products and services through the app

As point of contacts are included in the app as attendees, exhibitors now have the ability to post important updates on the news feed. They can also post images and videos of their stall on the feed, as well as promotional activities. This helps create visibility as well as creates curiosity among attendees.

Thus, by using our Trade Show Apps, Organizers are able to provide a proper ROI to exhibitors and thereby retain business year on year.

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