How to thrill Medical Reps?

Medical Representatives have it tough. They often bear the pressure of achieving the aggressive targets set by Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices companies. Which is why, when an annual outbound/rewards trip has been planned for them, it is crucial that they are excited, and eager about it for the longest possible time.

How do you enhance a 4 day trip into a month long exciting journey?

The most economic way of doing so is by providing them 2 way engagement through an event app. The event app becomes the hub of all trip related communication, allowing updates, 'save the date' posts, videos about the destination and other information. This helps medical reps become more optimistic about work, and often helps them forget about the daily pressures and worries.

A good example of this was when we created an outbound instance within our Event App for Seventy Seven Entertainment, who is a pioneer in creating memorable experiences for pharma clients, for their Rewards & Recognition initiatives.

7ty7 (popularly known), had the challenge of executing a 1000 employee outbound, coupled with uncertainty of who all have qualified. Hence, the organizer did not have the luxury nor the budget to create an exclusive event app. Instead,7ty7 decided to opt for a "vacation" instance on our Event App.

The "Vacation" instance of the Event App is specially made for outbound trips/Rewards & Recognition. The features include

  • A fun/interactive layout of the trip's agenda

  • Provision to upload individual tickets/vouchers or documents only visible to the relevant traveler

  • A "General Info" tab that provides the destination Time & Weather. It also factors in a Currency Converter. Besides this it provides for informative tabs such as

  1. About City

  2. About Hotel

  3. What to Pack

  4. Do's and Dont's

  5. Any other info

The Results

We saw over 700 downloads of the event app, with an average engagement per logged in user at 5. This means whoever logged in either posted an image, video or update, participation in polls and quiz. Besides this over 200 messages were exchanged among the travelers.


  • The excitement for the event began weeks before the actual travel dates.

  • There was no need to create whatsapp groups or send excessive emails as all communication was done using the apps itself

  • Many medical reps connected with each other, and thus grew the bond between employee

  • Reps were happy to receive updates about any change or development within the event

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