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2020 has brought a wave of virtual events and they are here to stay. As it gets vital to reduce physical distance, businesses are constantly trying to get closer to their customers and clients virtually. With a webinar, online expo or a virtual conference happening all the time around the world, it is imperative that your virtual event stands out and is worth your audience’s time.

So if you are looking to organise a successful virtual event, below are some steps that might help:

  • Pick the right topic – The first and foremost thing that you need to decide is a topic that’s currently relevant. Research your industry and talk to colleagues to discover pain points. There will be some widespread concerns that most of your industry shares. Offer answers to some common problems or enrich your audience with some completely new information.

  • Pick the right audience – Relying on just your long social media friend list for the success of your virtual event might not be enough. A niche topic will attract a niche audience. Look for people who understand your topic and the ones that are virtually active. To rope in the industry colleagues who are not actively online, you can ask them if they would be interested in such an event. Give them a reason to.

  • Start with a survey gauging key topics – Prepare for a successful virtual event by conducting as many surveys as you can. Find out people’s stand on the topics that you are going to discuss in your virtual event. Determine the familiarity of the topics. Take opinions of national and international experts if you can.

  • Find key influencers – You can’t determine your key influencers by just looking at whoever has the most number of followers. Other than their content needing to be relevant to your brand, it needs to be qualitative and trusted by the followers. Also look for how much the influencer “engages” with their post, i.e., look at some of their top posts and see how much the influencer interacts with the audience. Someone who is good at replying to comments is preferable.

  • Have good content – With audience having the option to log off any time, you need to engage them with crisp and focused content. Organise polls and let them ask questions. Having interesting and to-the-point content is the most important aspect of having a successful virtual event.

  • The importance of a good event tech tool – Your event tech tool should be able to ensure a seamless execution of your virtual event. Right from creating pre-event buzz to capturing feedback and computing the event performance, it should act as your trusted ally. The Event App is designed for just this. It helps you reach out to your audience, keeps them updated about the agenda and the speakers, allows them to engage by taking part in polls and gives you a detailed report at the end of the event.

  • Market well – Online marketing is actually cheaper than traditional advertising. So use this tool optimally. Announce on social media platforms with posts and tweets. Tag the speakers and tell everyone how amazing they are. You can also invite hundreds of people in minutes by sending out text messages and mailers using The Event App. Create a hashtag for your event and use it in all relevant posts. Urge followers to do the same.

  • Go live – Go through all the details before going live. If you are hosting your virtual event on Zoom, the like most others, then attendees can join in from The Event App using the Zoom meeting ID that you insert while setting up the event. You can also insert YouTube Live link on The Event App to broadcast webinars.

Choose a time that doesn’t coincide with another event of your industry. Early evening on a weekend is when most people will be free, though you can also ask your audiences that what time suits them the best. Let The Event App assist you in making your next virtual event a real success!

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