How to make your virtual conference a hit?

Virtual Conference

Technology has proved to be mankind’s loyal companion in this moment of crisis. A global pandemic confined us to our homes and though work slowed down, it did not stop. We soon adapted to the new way of conducting meetings, lectures and events – the virtual way.

Virtual events are here to stay because it will not be possible to hold public gatherings for quite some time. So if you were planning to organise a conference, you cannot wait for things to get back to normal. Go for a virtual conference and reach out to more people.

To hold a successful virtual conference, there are certain things to keep in mind.

  • Plan ahead: As the organiser, you need to go live well before the stipulated time. Check the internet connection, the computer audio and video. Be there to welcome the attendees.

  • Stay in control with The Event App: Organising a virtual event is a lot more than pressing the “go live” button. You need to communicate the agenda, make a schedule, display speaker information, keep a track of attendees, take polls, take questions and allow for networking after the event. All this can be taken care of with a single app – The Event App. You can streamline all the information and have a clear communication with the attendees and speakers of your virtual conference.

  • Market digitally in advance: The best place to market a virtual event is obviously on the internet. Use the power of social media to create a buzz about your conference. Tag the speakers in your posts and they can share it with their followers. Invite relevant people via e-mailers.

  • Have low prices and more sponsors: A unique benefit of organising a virtual conference is the low cost, as compared to an on-ground one. There is very little infrastructure required for a virtual event. This allows the organiser to keep low prices and still make profit. Add to this the fact that people do not need to travel to the conference and can participate right from their homes. So you can expect a larger turnout. Resultantly, your sponsors get more visibility. So it becomes easier to get more sponsors.

  • Use the best tools: The success of your virtual event is very much dependant on the digital tools that you use for video conferencing, live streaming and managing the event as a whole. The best tool that takes care of everything for your virtual conference, from planning to execution, is The Event App. For video conferencing, Zoom is currently used widely and for streaming, YouTube Live is the standard platform. The Event App supports Zoom and YouTube Live. This combination makes for the most efficient way to hold a virtual conference.

With The Event App, the attendees get to discuss key issues, give feedback and engage with each other on the Event App. Provide them a fruitful experience so they look forward to your next virtual event.

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