How The Event App Allows For Better Business Networking

Businesses, like people, thrive on networking. Networking creates opportunities that never existed. And events like a conference, an off-site or an exhibition are a great way to connect with like-minded people and with those who can help us grow.

Traditionally, organizing such an event meant bracing yourself for a lot of hassles prior to the event and last-minute issues that require attention. So time for business networking got limited for the organizer and also for the attendees. Today, the power of technology has blessed us with the Event App that takes care of smaller things so you have more time left for networking.

So how exactly does an event networking app make way for better business networking?

Connect with the attendees: The Event App carries names, titles and photos of everyone attending. The app also allows you to visit profiles of other attendees and message them. So you can directly connect with other attendees and have an increased probability of generating business from the conference.

Speaker info: You can read up the bio of each speaker and the topic of their session before deciding whether or not to attend it.

Business Networking

Speak for the speaker; and get your answers: You can rate and review the speakers and share your experience of the sessions. Additional to the feedback, the Event App also lets you ask questions to the speaker. Attendees can also ask questions to the speaker during the session. The admin selects the questions to be projected live on the screen. This facility bridges a crucial communication gap for those who might have been hesitant to pose a query during the session.

Activity feed: Just like a social networking app, an event networking app also has a ‘feed’ or a ‘timeline’. Attendees can post status updates, organizers can post about upcoming sessions and take global polls, and promoters can post messages. People can then ‘comment’ and ‘like’ status updates and discover popular topics. Attendees can also set personalized reminders for upcoming sessions.

Photos and videos: The Event App keeps business networking the way it should be – fun. Users can post photos and videos from the event and can be a part of contests and games.

Reach out to others: You can share images, videos and other updates from the Event App to your social media handles. Take the event to your friends, and their friends, on social media. Not being restricted to the app widens the horizon of business networking.

The app also provides the information of distributors so you can network with them if you yourself want to organize a conference. The Event App makes sure that the event goes on longer virtually. Days before, and after the event, you can network with people from your industry.

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