How A Conference App Replaces The Need For Paper

From registration forms to feedback forms, until recently, organizing a business conference meant spending a lot of paper and money for the processes. The advent of technology has given us ‘Event App for Conferences’ that facilitate paperless and smooth planning of a business conference. A good conference app will save paper, resultantly cutting down the total cost of your conference. So, it’s a win-win situation for you and the environment.

Here’s how a conference event app replaces paper:

Send bulk SMS and Email: Create your app and send out bulk SMS or Emails to reach hundreds of people in a matter of minutes. Request them to download the app and register themselves in order to attend your business conference. No need to print flyers for an announcement or to distribute registration forms.

Creates a systematic database: As a new person registers with their photo, name, title and company, the info gets added to the list of attendees. This list is searchable by name, can be sorted by interest and can be used to setup meetings with a selected group of people or with everyone listed. The attendees can also interact with each other through private messaging.

Provides all details in one place: At most conferences we see the attendees carrying brochures with details like sessions, timings and agenda mentioned in them. With a business conference app, they can access all this information instantly on their mobile phones.

Take feedback digitally: Instead of persuading people to fill feedback forms after a business conference, you can tell them to simply rate and review the speakers on the app, just like they would do on an e-commerce website. The option of just tapping on stars to express their opinion sounds a lot more convenient than to write it out in lengthy paragraphs.

Gives ad space to sponsors: When your sponsors can directly share promoted messages on the personal feed of hundreds of attendees, they won’t have to spend on huge posters and canopies. After the event, you can also share app engagement statistics with them and easily get more business for your next business conference.

Impress your attendees by letting them download event material, post photos & videos, ask questions to the speaker and network with others. If you are looking to organise a paperless and profitable business conference, search the internet now for one of the best business conference apps in 2020.

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