Event Planning in COVID-19: THE EVENT APP

Virtual Event App

On the off chance that there is one subject driving the discussion among meeting and event planners and organizers today, that must be an interruption. Surprisingly fast, the global landscape has changed massively, and experts in the meetings industry currently face the squeezing need to settle on extreme choices rapidly.

The meeting industry has been firmly influenced by the troublesome impacts of COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2). Since the beginning of the scourge, many events have been dropped everywhere throughout the world, and awakening to the updates on retractions or deferments has gotten the new ordinary.

In this unordinary situation, event organizers are required to reexamine their choices and to adjust two needs. From one viewpoint, it is urgent to maintain the wellbeing and security of staff, sponsors, and attendees. On the other, it is essential to meet financial commitments – or in any event to limit the misfortunes brought about by disturbance.

In the course of recent weeks, countless meetings have been upgraded as virtual meetings. On the off chance that it is versatile, this meeting group is most likely the best option in these difficult occasions. By their very nature, virtual events permit participation independent of movement limitations and encourage the conveyance of vanguard information. In addition, this configuration is splendidly perfect with an event showcasing and sponsorship strategies while permitting planners to be prepared for any eventuality. And as long as they are deliberately arranged utilizing the correct innovations, virtual events can even contact a more extensive crowd than customary live events.

Even in such a depressing situation, we have some good news for you. Our app has updated its features and has made two technological integrations to make itself a better virtual event platform. The first is the youtube integration, which facilitates the live streaming of videos within the app itself. The second integration is with Zoom-SDK for ensuring better two-way communication.

For your events to become a genuinely virtual event, we have brought these innovations in our existing event app. With the youtube integration, you can have a live youtube stream of your event so that all the broadcasting can happen in the course of the event. With the Zoom-SDK integration, for parallel multicasting. In addition, your existing features of the app like- agenda, newsfeed, speaker and attendee list, quiz, surveys, feedbacks, live polls, and engagement strategies like selfie contests are available as well for pre and post-event attendee engagement. To deliver a splendid event experience, we have added these multicasting integrations. So, with our existing facilities and new innovations, The Event App has become an all-encompassing deal for better audience engagement for pre, during, and post-event moments.

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