An intro guide to virtual exhibitions

Virtual Exhibition - The Event App

With changing times, online virtual exhibitions are gaining popularity and audiences are also getting accustomed to this new trend. Thanks to virtual tech advancements, you can now organise your own virtual exhibition any time.

Here is a general idea you need to have before setting up a virtual exhibition online:

  • On ground exhibition v/s Virtual exhibition – Unlike an on ground exhibition, you do not need to book a large physical space for a virtual exhibition. There is also no cost of refreshments and electricity. As it is evident, the audience attends your virtual event right from their homes, on their computer screens. They also save on the cost and time of commute and can participate by a few, simple clicks on their computer.

  • Why virtual exhibitions are better for exhibitors – The major limitation of an on ground exhibition is that there is no way to track the exact number of leads generated. Resultantly, exhibitors cannot define an accurate return on investment (ROI). A competent virtual trade show platform can give you real-time information on leads and allows exhibitors to follow up with those who have shown interest in their products.

  • Setting the stall prices – How do you set price for a stall that is virtual? While organising a virtual exhibition online, there is no real estate involved so you cannot charge as you would in the case of an on ground exhibition. Pricing is decided based on the “total app space”. Exhibitors pay according to the features they choose.

  • How a good tech product helps – To conduct a virtual exhibition online, an efficient virtual event platform is the key to success. The Event App is one such virtual tech tool which assists exhibitors sell more and helps visitors engage more. It allows exhibitors to upload much more than just company details. They can add documents, brochures, photos and videos. Other than helping them create visibility, The Event App also gives them a detailed analysis regarding page visits, material downloads, setting up meetings with the attendees, etc. The organizer also gets such analytics which the organizer can use to determine if any exhibitor can use some marketing help.

  • Allowing 1-1 interactions – The Event App gives separate Message inboxes to attendees as well as exhibitors. So exhibitors can set up 1-on-1 meetings with these people and better sell their product. Organizers can also interact with the exhibitors through personal messaging and look after any of their issues.

  • Having good content – At the end of the day, the success of any event depends on the quality of products & services on demonstration. As an organizer, you might want to give preference to innovative, fresh and utilitarian ideas that will get more attendees.

Exhibitors can also reach out to attendees by posting on The Event App’s news feed. They can better market themselves by posting important updates and engaging promotional content. Whereas organizers can give greater returns on investments to exhibitors and thus keep having more such successful virtual exhibitions online on The Event App.

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