5 ways on how The Event App services assist you in making and executing the finest app in the world

A Mobile Event App can only be as successful as the amount of effort put towards using it. It involves deep understanding about the topic of the event, the attendees that will be attending it, the venue, the speakers and the overall goals the organizer aims to achieve.

Which is why be it for conferences, corporate offsite or even exhibitions, The Event App provides organisers appropriate guidance on how to think about the technology strategy. Simply procuring the app is not enough - what content to schedule, how to encourage attendees to post and ensure sponsors and exhibitors get a proper ROI is equally important. Here are 5 ways in which our team at The Event App assists you in creating and executing the finest app instance in the world

1. Understanding your requirement, and recommending what not to do

The first task our team carries out once you sign up for The Event App is discuss the reasoning behind which you are procuring The Event App. On the first call, our Client Servicing team will understand the goals you aim to achieve with the event app. Goals can be -

a. Spreading information about the event (dates, venues, topics)

b. Encouraging networking among attendees

c. Increasing inquiries and sales (through exhibitors and sponsors)

d. Showcasing a new product or service

e. Capturing user feedback

For each of these goals, the strategy will be different. In case the goal is to spread more information about the event, our team will advice clients, to create a content strategy that spreads out information about the event in a systematic way - through posts, notifications and messages. If however, the aim is to increase inquiries and sales for sponsors or exhibitors, the focus will be on promoting the same, through banner ads, special offers on notifications, or product and company surveys.

Once the goal is clear, our team helps prepare a overall strategy that ensures the primary aim is achieved.

2. Create a time line of pre-event, in-event, and post-event activations

We provide a readymade template that guides Event Organisers to plan how to get attendees on board.

Pre-event we recommend sending out bulk SMS and emails from The Event App dashboard. The templates for SMS and email are easily customisable and our client servicing team is ever ready to help organisers implement the same. The SMS/Emails guide attendees to download the apps and log in. Such SMS/Emails can be scheduled, and can be filtered to be sent to all, logged in or not logged in users. This helps event organisers focus more on not logged in attendees, and therefore, increase the overall percentage of attendees that are using the app

Besides this, our Event App start guide provides organisers a flow of entering information such as

a. Updating the event agenda

b. Putting up 4-5 relevant polls

c. Putting up sample questions for the Q&A (session wise or speaker wise) on the app

d. Populating the app with previous years images and videos

e. Adding details on the Event Info Session such as location of the event, list of point of contacts, and FAQs

The above activities ensures The Event App instance is populated with information and attendees have tasks to be carried out.

In-event content generation deals mainly with updating users on where the sessions are being held, reminders of sessions that are about to start, and reminders to rate the sessions 15 minutes before which they are about to end.

Such automations help in increased usage and access to the apps.

We also advise clients to have their event executives take good hi-res images of the on-going sessions - as well as post important highlights of each sessions.

Modules such as results of Live Poll, filtered questions for the speaker or the session etc. can be shown on the big screen so that everyone is aware and more involved at the event

We also provide post recommendations that train the attendee on using the app. These posts are scheduled in a manner that helps attendees make the most out of The Event App

Post event, we prompt users to fill the event survey up. We can keep a track of who all have filled /yet to fill and send posts and notifications accordingly.

3. Focus on the content strategy

We are the only Event App company in the world that provides a marketing calendar (system generated using AI) that is colour coded to highlight various activities such as

i. Posting on News Feed

ii. Sending Push Notifications

iii. Running a live poll

iv. Sending out a bulk SMS

v. Sending out bulk email

and others

A sample content calendar is initially shared with the clients to get a buy in on the strategy ahead. If client agrees to the same, then our content settings are tuned to similarly mimic what was originally accepted. The system learns as we implement this algorithm across the dozens of events that are using the Event App week on week. Thus, organisers experience relevant, responsive content being posted on The Event App

4. Provide in-event support

In event support can be provided either online, or in person.

Online support is by our chatbot available in the admin panel, or by creating a Whatsapp group with our client servicing team and all the event stakeholders

At every stage we will be available for any troubleshooting, or we can keep suggesting ways and means to using the app.

Offline support means having our client servicing executive physically present at the event. Usually this is done for much bigger events, where either the number of attendees is over 500, or the audience is high profile and the event organizer doesn't have the bandwidth to manage the event app

The tasks carried out within offline support include

a. Posting content and notifications on The Event App at the event

b. Adding new attendees on the app

c. Co-ordinating with the audio/visual teams on broadcasting live poll results or questions from Q&A

d. Trouble shooting any app related queries that might turn up during the event

5. Provide learnings, and an action plan for the way forward

4-5 events get listed on The Event App every week. The same has been the case for the last 5 years. Because of this the Client Servicing team of The Event App has developed a lot of insights about which events gain more app traffic and which don't. These learnings are provided post event to organisers who can still use their event on The Event App as a powerful marketing tool to attract attendees to the next edition of the event. They can alternatively use the app for good employee engagement (in case the app is being used during a corporate offsite). Exhibitors can continue contacting attendees and promoting products post the event using our Trade Show Apps.

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