5 old habits to forget when organising a virtual event

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Be it meetings, conferences, webinars or just a simple get together; events have got virtual all over the world pretty fast. Virtual events are the way ahead for us and there is no question about it. So planning a webinar for your employees or a virtual conference for your customers will be quite different than an on-ground event. But no need to worry, using the right strategy and relevant virtual tech tools makes it really easy.

Here are 5 things you can let go of while organising a virtual event:

  • Printed literature – Traditionally, we have made announcements about seminars and conferences through flyers and leaflets. Moreover, in an on-ground event, agenda, schedule, speaker information, product information, etc. is communicated through brochures at the event venue. The reach and life of printed literature is short. Now, you have The Event App which becomes a single, go to place for the attendees to learn about the virtual event. You can invite hundreds of people by sending bulk SMS or Emails from The Event App. Everything about the event – agenda, sessions, timings is uploaded on the app which can be checked any time right on the phone. Sponsors can also place ads on the app, allowing them to reach a larger audience without having to put up large banners and billboards.

  • Hiring large workforce – Organising a virtual event requires a few people and you save big by minimising human resource. You don’t need people to set up tents, lights or manage the crowd. Virtual event platforms and The Event App take care of organising the event and people participate from right where they are.

  • Lack of a content strategy – They say “Content is king.” A successful virtual event relies on good content and a better strategy. Create a buzz about the event way before the event day and as the day comes, communicate your excitement to the attendees. The days leading up to the event aim at getting maximum registrations. So communicate benefits of the event and present it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Keep your audience engaged even after the event by posting event highlights, “speaker quotes”, etc. The Event App also gives you a “post-event engagement report” that shows what worked and what didn’t.

  • Unexciting speakers – With ever diminishing attention spans and the option to simply shut down the PC, you cannot afford to have speakers that will not be able to hold the audience. Unlike an on ground conference, it is easy for a person to walk away mid-lecture in a virtual event. The audience expects the speaker to add value to their lives. The talks should be relevant and interesting. Let your audience know what they are in for prior to the event with The Event App. Give speaker info and topics that will be focused on.

  • Lack of feedback – With The Event App, you can capture more feedback and continue engagement with videos, polls and information about the next virtual event. Encourage people to participate in surveys and give feedback for your virtual event.

Organising a virtual event with The Event App keeps you always in control. After the event, you get a detailed report to reflect on. This also helps you get more sponsors as you are able to give them a concrete, transparent analysis about a brand’s reach and engagement.

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