3 must have tools while organizing your company’s next event

Are you in charge of ensuring the correct people fly into your company’s next event? This 3 part series will definitely save you some valuable time, effort and resources.

As providers of event tech to leading Financial Systems, IT, Healthcare and Logistics companies, we at Procialize firmly believe that in order to make your company’s next event/s a big hit, you need to invest in

  1. A registration page

  2. An Event App

  3. A content plan for the event app

In this article, we will address the significance of having an event registration page.

Why do you need a registration page?

  1. Quite often, larger corporate events involve employees or external distributors, or resellers.

  2. Capturing traveler details and preferences can be time consuming, heavy on resources and expensive.

  3. Example – Let’s say you work for a company that has a lot of distributors or resellers, and these are organized by regions or territories. Each of these territories can have dozens of distributors, resellers or agents. Now for the annual conference, or meet that you are a part of, you may be instructed to capture accurate information pertaining to

  • Capturing accurate details of the travelers in order to issue them tickets, or that if they are even attending the event in the first place

  • Capturing event related details such as which workshop they wish to attend, or what product demo are they more keen about

  • If you are having an international trip, then capturing if the traveler plans to extend his/her journey

  • Capturing co-traveler (spouse/ partner/kids) accurate details such as correct names, date of birth, and other ticket related information

  1. Due to the ever evolving world, employee attrition well as agent or distributor attrition constant. Hence, it is wishful thinking to assume the data available with your company is accurate.

What are the traditional methods

Most of the times, we see organisations use Microsoft Excel to keep their records updated. The problem here is

  1. The data in an excel file cannot be updated real time

  2. Collaboration (multiple users) cannot edit the file together, as a result version control becomes a big issue

  3. Supporting documents of travelers cannot be captured

A more evolved technique is to now use tools such as google drive. Google drive allows collaboration, and also has it’s USP in keeping content real time.

But the problem here again is

  1. Supporting documents of travelers needs to be stored in some other folder

  2. Bigger issue is, the responsibility of uploading and maintaining event data still lies with you.

To save time, effort and resources, we at Procialize always our clients to opt for a registration site. Procialize makes registration sites that are

  1. White-labeled – which means the page can be hosted on your company domain with your branding

  2. Allows travelers to update the details themselves, thereby ensuring accuracy.Keep cut off dates till when travelers can change details

  3. Allow you to edit, delete or modify details

  4. Provide an intelligent dashboard from where you can view details and also export latest files on excel and share with your travel partner

Companies invest millions in events, and money saved is money earned.

So to conclude, a newer and better way of managing your company’s events is for procuring a registration site that is reusable and suitable to your needs.

If you are interested in knowing more, do check out Procialize’s website, or contact us for a demo.

The next parts talk about why an event app stands to benefit you, the event organizer and how best to use it

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