Outbound Trips

Delight your stakeholders during their outbound trips Ideal for Employee offsites, dealer incentive programs And annual rewards and recognition events

Trade Show Mobile Apps

Create the excitement that lasts beyond the trip!


Extend the fun of the trip before and after the event

Trade Show Apps

Communicate last minute updates easily

Event App for Conferences

Provide destination related info in real time

Audience Polling App

Allow traveler documents to be easily shared

the event app

Entertain your stakeholders with interactive

Outbound Trip App


Crowd Polling App

All destination info within the app

Thrill your stakeholders by providing them with destination information in real time. We provide time and weather, so that your guests know what to expect as well as a multi-currency converter for quick calculations

In addition, we also allow you to upload information on the Hotels, City, and other instructions such as Do’s and Don;t, what to pack, what to wear etc.

Best Event Apps

Engage your audience from the word ‘Go’

Let your audience be immersed on the event app with multiple quizzes, live polls, selfie and video contests, multiplayer games using bluetooth 

Create Event App

Multi-day agenda in a rich graphic format

Allows for uploading of destination images, day wise listing, along with provision to add as much information as needed

Event Management Apps

All Trip communication on The Event App

Use the Event app to circulate tickets, hotel vouchers etc. Send push notifications to logged in users, as well as Emails / SMS to not logged in users. Empower the on ground staff to keep the travelers informed at all times

Online Event Management System

Capture Attendance using QR Code

Ensure a smoother Hotel Check-in experience using personalised QR codes for all travelers. ensure no one gets left out, as well as engage the audience in fun activities like treasure hunt