Relevant for today’s events

Native App Development

Enhances responsiveness and phone capabilities 

Last-minute Activation

Hosting on our or your servers, Go live on the event app in minutes


No limits on number of users, content or even events

Closed Network

Single or Multiple Events on one app, Content generated is proprietary only to the event

Offline Mode

Users can access content
regardless of data network connection

Enterprise Grade Security

Features as per your requirement, Latest encryption standards and secure services


Event Registration Software

Build an Event Registration Form that is relevant to your event


Capture traveller details, photo ID’s, travel preferences, and companion details.


Send reminders via email/sms to those travellers who have not filled form


Collect all travel info in a downloadable file and bulk download photo ID’s.

Multi-event Functionality

Multiple events can be accessed in one app

Cloud-Based Admin Panel

Ability to update content in real-time and manage users from a web-based administrative Content Management System

QR Code Scanning

Built-in QR code reader for scavenger hunts, exhibitor booth check ins, etc.


Easy, intuitive and interactive

Agenda / Schedule

2 Modes: A "Conference" mode with list of sessions, timing, venue or a "Vacation" mode used during fun trips

Attendee Lists

Searchable by name
Sortable by interest
User-to-User messaging

Setup meetings

Speaker Lists

Speaker profile photo, bio and session information. Active links to in-app content and external websites. Ability to rate and bookmark speakers. Ability to search by speaker name

Interactive Maps

Multi-level floorplans
Interactive mapping w/ links to
exhibitor profiles
Point-to-point directions

Exhibitor / Sponsor Lists

Company logo, description, booth
#, videos, documents, etc.
Active links to in-app content and external websites
Ability to rate and bookmark
Ability to search by
exhibitor/sponsor name


Upload content prior to the event
Downloadable via email

Video / Photos

YouTube/Vimeo viewing in-app
User-added photos via status
Organizer can download photos
from the CMS

Push Messages

Push custom messages to all
attendees or a specified group
Can be scheduled in advance



Bulk SMS + Email

Send SMS's to all, logged in and not logged in users: Do the same with mass mailing Ensure every one downloads and logs in the app

Rate and Review

Rate speakers based on 5 stars and include a review

Attendee Profiles

Includes profile photo and editable fields for name, title and company  Allow attendees to send private messages


Call out or respond to other attendees in the Activity Feed with an “@” before their name. Attendees are notified when their name is mentioned in the Activity Feed

Live Polling

Ask a question live with live results are refreshed every 5 seconds and are viewed in-app or on screen though a web page Attach to a specific session or poll attendees globally

Activity Feed

Shows all attendee status updates, promoted messages, and global polls Shows personalized reminders for upcoming sessions, surveys to complete, and sessions to rate

Status Updates

Publish status updates with text and/or images. Ability to tag updates with relevant app content. Message is posted to the global Activity Feed or Session feed

Private Messages

Allow attendees to send private messages to each other via email. Emails are hidden until a message is sent or responded to


Ask questions with options for multiple choice or free form text answers

Social Media Integration

Forward updates, images and videos from the app to Social Media

Comment / Like

Add comments or “like” any Status Update Indicates popular topics or influential people


Ensure a 90% + Usage rate


Play, while getting work done!


Encourage certain attendee behavior by awarding points and badges for surveys, polls, ratings, status updates, check-ins, commenting, and liking Leaderboard shows top 20 point-earners, click on attendee photo to view profile info

Selfie / Video Engagement

Create daily contest and encourage users to upload images / Videos to create a fun, competitive atmosphere

Jigsaw Puzzles

Increase your event or sponsor's brand by asking user to complete a jigsaw puzzle of the brand logo, make user complete by displaying a leaderboard



Achieve your event goals

Post-Event Engagement Report

Overview of event data including number of active users, total in-app actions, average number of actions per user View total number of bookmarks, status updates, comments, likes, check-ins, surveys, photos and ratings View device breakdown, speaker breakdown with top speakers, agenda breakdown with stats on most popular session, exhibitor breakdown with top exhibitors, most influential people, and leaderboard

Usage Stats

View total number of users, actions, updates, likes, comments, bookmarks, check-ins, surveys, polls, and % of iOS, Android and HTML5 users for the timeframe specified

Downloadable Reports

Generate data reports on status updates, sessions, devices, user activity, point, badges, app content, surveys, polls, ratings, promoted posts, and leads


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