Expo and Exhibitions

Earn More from your Exhibition

By using The Event App

Outbound Trip App

Make Exhibitors, sponsors and attendees love your exhibition


Provide leads to exhibitors through the app

Crowd Polling App

Allow meetings and messages through the app 

Best Event Apps

Save exhibitor costs on print

Create Event App

Provide exhibitors tangible proof of ROI on investment

Event Management Apps

Provide sponsors relevant leads

Online Event Management System


Mobile Event App AD AD

Let Exhibitors Market themselves

Exhibitors get to add products , videos, pdfs, profile and any other documents, from the app itself, thereby increasing footfalls in their trade show booth

Conference Management Software

Promote featured exhibitors

High ticket exhibitors can be featured on the event feed, banner ads, surveys and promoted messages as well

Expo App

Networking with attendees

Allow premium exhibitors (or all) to post updates, message attendees, and setup meetings through the app

Event App

Provide real time leads to exhibitors

The Event App allows Exhibitors to identify visitors who have seen the exhibitor page, and access media, brochures - thereby providing leads. This information can be used by you to market future editions. Lead retrieval ensures more business for you

Real time insights to exhibitors

Provide Exhibitors access to page visits, brochure downloads and message inbox from app itself.

Mobile Apps for Events and Conferences

Gain insights on lead generation

Organizers now have knowledge about interest generated for each exhibitor - page visits, brochure downloads etc. The same can now be used to remarket future editions, other events to exhibitors. Thus a ROI  sheet for Exhibitors has now been created

Best Event Management Software

Allow and track 1-1 meetings with Exhibitors and Attendees

The Exhibition app allows exhibitors and attendees exchange 1-1 messages and setup meetings, thereby dropping the requirement of exchanging business cards.

Marketing repository

Each exhibitor can upload videos and brochures on it’s page, and gain insight of views and downloads of the same

Event Management ios App

QR Scanners to track leads

Exhibitors need not worry about exchanging visiting cards. They can simply scan the QR badges of attendees to capture leads. What’s best is you will also get insights of how many leads have been captured.